Welcome to Wally Kullman Council #14479

Click on “News & Events” for current information. The “Members Only” menu choice has protected information and requires a special member password. If you don’t know the member password, contact webmaster Dave Verlinde using the “Contact” menu choice, and he will email it to you.

Current Council Officers are:
Grand Knight Scot Szatkowski
Deputy Grand Knight and Program Chairperson Dave Verlinde
Chaplain Father Timothy Gaines
Chancellor and Membership Chairperson Bill Doolan
Recorder Greg Bishop
Financial Secretary Dick Thomas
Treasurer Jerry Walby
Lecturer Mark Graas
Advocate Mark Stadig
Warden Lyle Dierks
Inside Guard Chris Ketchum
Outside Guard Ken Rillings
3 Year Trustee and Past Grand Knight Doyle Kisner
2 Year Trustee Tom Oliver
1 Year Trustee Don Dietzenbach